In mid-March, 2018, at the invitation of the Karen National Union Dept. of Health and Welfare (KNUDHW), a five person team performed an education and treatment mission in the Karen area of the Thai-Burma (Myanmar) border.

The purposes of this mission were:

  • Refresher training for Karen independent practice medics
  • Field dental instruction for independent practice medics
  • Medical and dental assistance to displaced Karen refugees

PA Chan-Padgett and Dr. Padgett make a point while examining a Karen soldier as the students look on

Consisting of Florian Schmitzberger, MD, PhD, Lauren Mamer, MD, John Morgan, DDS, Vicki Chan-Padgett, MMS, PA-C and John Padgett, PA-C Emeritus, PhD, and with the help of KNUDHW translators, the team conducted two weeks of training and treatment for their Karen students. The subjects included a review of medical history and physical examination, cardiac and respiratory problems, dermatology, emergency medicine considerations including battlefield trauma, eye, ear, nose and throat disorders, and dentistry.

Following the training, the students re-deployed to their areas of responsibility, with some returning to areas which have recently seen renewed combat between the Burmese military and the Karen National Liberation Army, in spite of a shaky cease fire signed two years ago.

Dr. Morgan teaches a dental class. Note the Karen national flag.

Dr. Schmitzberger demonstrates proper insertion technique for a catheter.