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Many of the volunteer doctors, physician assistants, nurses and medics at RRII are military veterans who have experience operating in war zones and other dangerous environments where other humanitarian agencies cannot or will not go. In these environments, RRII is often the only help available for victims of armed conflict.

In these environments, RRII is often the only help available for victims of armed conflict.

RRII, is committed to sustainable development in the areas and with the populations that it serves, and while volunteers perform hands-on medical and surgical assistance, they also work closely with indigenous health personnel to develop educational programs specific to the needs of the population involved, as well as assisting in the institutional development of indigenous health care delivery systems.

RRII accepts “missions to order” and can mount relief missions to an area of special concern to you. For example, one donor was moved by the crisis in Burma, sent in a donation, and RRII sent in a medical team two weeks later.


RRII is the official partner of Project Exodus Relief.

Project Exodus Relief is an all-volunteer organization of veterans, national security sector members, staff at human rights organizations, political staff, and others. More than 30 organizations work together with a singular mission: save as many lives as possible.

Our goal is to aid in rapid response efforts and aid those in need however possible.


Learn more about our official partner for Afghanistan evacutation efforts, Project Exodus Relief , by clicking below.



According to UNHCR, Sub-Saharan Africa hosts more than 26 percent of the world’s refugee population.

RRII has conducted several missions to aid refugees from the Rwandan Genocide and the Second Congo War.




For numerous years throughout the Burmese civial conflict, at the invitation of the Karen National Union Dept. of Health and Welfare (KNUDHW), RRII conducted medical care and educational missions in the mountains and jungles in the Karen area of the Thai-Burma (Myanmar) border.


Syrian Conflict


Medical care on the Syrian border had completely broken down during the Syrian civil war. We found a thoroughly overburdened medical system on the brink of collapse in desperate need of help.

NGOs had significant difficulties providing care given the local security situation. Refugee Relief International conducted four missions on the borders with Lebanon and Turkey to provide medical assistance, medical education, and logistical support for pro-Western local medical providers.




As the Venezuelan regime of Nicolas Maduro struggles, there are critical shortages of the things needed to sustain life, such as food, clean water, and medicine. Millions of Venezuelans have left their homeland resulting in a refugee crisis in neighboring Colombia. The Colombian government, recovering from years of combating the drug trade and it’s own guerrillas, has asked for assistance.

RRII provided direct medical aid in the affected regions, supported by the Colombian government and generous donors.