Photos of Operations

Training Health Care Workers to Carry On

In addition to providing medical services, RRII trains local health practitioners so that treatment can continue even after RRII leaves the area.

  • Photo-training3
    Hands-on Training
    Much of the training is hands-on so that local medical personnel get exposure to the latest medical techniques.
  • Photo-training1
    Assisting with an Amputation
    RRII team member Dr. David Mohler of the Stanford Medical Center performs an amputation on a mine victim. A local health worker learns the technique.
  • Photo-training4
    One young nurse, listening intently to a translator.
  • Photo-training2
    Eager to Learn
    In classes, the local workers try to learn as much as possible while the RRII team is in the area.
  • Photo-girl
    A young Karen girl is ready for an operation that will restore partial use of her hand after a cooking accident that left her fingers fused together and useless.
  • Photo-P4070316
    A student nurse carefully monitors a patient after his hernia surgery.
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  • Photo-Dave-skin-graft-Burma
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