Statement from an RRII trained General Medical Officer

GMO Immunization program report
Place: Eetu Hta/ Karen State

The second time Immunization progrim in EeTu Hta had done by GMO student [now graduates] between 26th to 27th February 2008. There are 3 types of immunization brought by RRI this time. BCG, DPT and MMR.

The immunization drugs are well kept up in freeze before cross border. When cross border we add more ice lump, the same day send to Eetu Hta and start Immunization shot. Next day we order more ice to store the immunization and we can keep cool that till we finish the program. Saw Thaler lead the team, Naw Wae Paw Ehdoh Say and the clinic workers work with him. Ehmoo Dah was absent because of security problem rise up in his area.

The immunization been injected are the aged between 3 month and 12 year. 271 had received the 1st dose of DPT, 160 children received booster dose. It means 431 children DPT this time. Then 149 children received BCG and 346 got MMR.

The general situation in Eetu Hta is going well and the morbidity and motility come down.

So I'm as representative in this area would like to thank Refugee Relief and wish God bless you and see you again.

Saw Thaler